Sir Edward, Knight Commander
Joined 2010-11-11
Knighted 2011-06-05

Sir Edward is one of the founding members of the Order, and the first to hold the office of Knight Commander. Often known as the Blue Knight at some of the DC-area renfaires. His interest began with collecting swords, and playing table-top adventure games, which eventually evolved into an interest in armor, other weapons, knights, and chivalry.

Per bend sinister argent and azure, on a bend sinister sable between a dragon couchant contourny azure and an ankh, a sword argent.

Jason S., Knight
Joined 2011-06-05

Per Bend Sinister Gules and Argent, on a Bend Sinister Sable between a Stag Passant Argent and an Axe bendwise sinister Argent hafted Gules fimbriated Sable, three Trefoils Or.

Sir Brian, Knight
Joined 2010-11-11
Knighted 2011-06-05

As one of the founding members of the Order, Sir Brian is often known as the Green Knight in some of the DC-area renfaires. An avid student of WMA since 2010, Sir Brian is hopelessly addicted to dueling. In fact the only thing he likes better than a friendly duel with steel is when it also benefits a noble charity.

Vert, on a Chief wavy Argent a rose Sable, a Gryphon Segreant Or.

Sir James, Knight
Joined 2010-11-11
Knighted 2011-11-19

Sir James is one of the founding members of the Order. An avid medieval weapons and armor enthusiast, who is often mid-project in at least one or two things medieval. His favorite thing about arms and armor is to see the excitement on children's faces when they see and hear the 'Knight in shining armor' clanking along, and is always happy to pose for pictures with them. His inspiration was meeting the Red Knight of Warwick castle as a teenager. He is happiest when he is encased in full armor, and has been known to randomly armor up at home just because the mood hits.

Sable, a chevron between three lions statant Argent.

Sir Ian, Knight
Joined 2011-12-19
Knighted 2012-10-13

Sir Ian has been a history geek for as long as he can remember. His passion for arms and armor of the Medieval era began when he was just a boy and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for the first time and saw the real thing up close. He hasn't looked back since, and within the last few years has taken his passion to the next level by participating in Living History and Medieval Reenactment. You will typically see Sir Ian depicting an English knight of the Hundred Years War with France.

Quarterly sable and argent, I and IV a wolf rampant or armed argent and langued gules, II and III crossed swords gules.

Douglas the Younger, Knight
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Knighted 2014-10-10

Aiden M., Knight
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Knighted 2021-05-29

Nate M., Knight
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Mike W., Knight
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Knighted 2021-05-29

Christopher Santos, Knight
Joined 2012-10-07
Knighted 2022-08-06

Nephew and personal squire to Sir James.

Joined 2012-08-11

Thorsteinn Raudskeggr is a newer Yeoman of the Order. Born and raised in the glowing tourist city of Reno, Nevada he began his medieval interests early when his mom began bringing him to Society for Creative Anachronism events beginning in 1981 where she too participates in Heavy Armor Combat. A four time member of the Cynaguan Guard for the Principality of Cynagua in the West Kingdom of the SCA, and holder of the Torse Cynagua for exceptional honor and courtesy in the List's, Thorsteinn has a wide variety of interests from Fighting (SCA/HEMA/WMA), to Cooking, Scribal Arts, Armour Making, Bardic Art's, and Siege Weaponry. While having lived in the Kingdom's of An-Tir, Ansteorra, and Northshield he currently resides in the West.

Azure, a point pointed and in chief an axe between in fess two arrows argent.

Marcelo Navarrete, Squire
Joined 2019-07-16

Ryan Vreeland, Squire
Joined 2020-03-09

Samuel Petterson, Yeoman
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Jamie Stone, Yeoman
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John Neel, Page
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Norman Cary, Honorary Member
Joined 2011-11-01

I live in Hyattsville, MD, with my lovely wife Marna. Though my degrees are in history and I trained to be a college professor, I worked for the Army and the Navy as a museum curator for 29 years before retiring in 2003. In 1994 I started attending renaissance faires and in 1998 got serious about it; I've been to 28 different faires all over the country and have worked at several. I have been a regular member of the cast at Maryland, North Carolina, Carolina, and Virginia. Most of the time I do military reenactment as a common man at arms, but I have also played the tuba and euphonium in the brass choir at Carolina 2-3 weekends a year for the past ten years and have sat in on tuba with the brass choir at the Texas Renaissance Festival for four years. Renaissance faires have become my classroom, where I teach about the art of war in the period 1300 to 1600. I am pleased to share what knowledge I have of period military history with any who ask, and have put together an extensive bibliography on late medieval, 16th century, and early 17th century military history which is free for the asking.

Sir William (inactive), Knight
Joined 2010-11-11
Knighted 2011-06-05

Sir William is one of the founding members, the self-styled Black Knight of the Order of the Marshal. His interest began at age 9 when he received Bulfinch's Mythology as a birthday present and from that point on, he was hooked. As he read about the exploits of Arthur and his Knights of the Table Round, as well as those tales of Charlemagne and the saga of the Nibelungs, he imagined himself a part of a world where goodness and chivalry conquer the powers of darkness. He has strived to live by and embody the virtues that, while being largely romanticized, have no less of an impact than the actions of the opposite. While admitting to being far from the perfect knight, he has nevertheless set himself squarely in the path of Evil and will do all in his power to see that Good carries the day. Even as he considers himself the least of his brothers, he is still a dangerous man to cross.

Per pale Azure and Sable, a chevron countercolored fimbriated argent.

Sir Nathan (inactive), Knight
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Knighted 2011-11-19

Sir Nathan Quarantillo is a founding member of the Order, and the youngest of its Knights. Sir Nathan's path of chivalry started at a young(er) age, the ideal of chivalry fascinating him, and the ideal of a knight had always struck him as the highest form of manliness, that strange marriage of strength and goodness, violence and beauty. Sir Nathan strives to live his life according to the tenets of Chivalry, and his code as a Knight is deeply intertwined with his faith.

Sir Nathan is a military history enthusiast and medieval reenactor. He loves playing with swords, armour, martial arts, and combines them them his favored form of combat, armoured sword duels!

Per cross sable and argent, a cross filet gules between an oak tree eradicated and a tower argent, two crosses crosslet sable.

Sir Gerard (inactive), Knight
Joined 2010-11-11
Knighted 2012-05-07

Out of an over active imagination and a sometimes unhealthy interest in castles, grew a passion for all things medieval, knightly and chivalric. A founding member of The Freemen of Gwent, a 14th century re-enactment group in the U.K., Sir Gerard de Rodes is proud to be a founding member and knight of the Order of the Marshal.

Azure, a lion rampant or.

Sir Patrick (inactive), Knight
Joined 2010-11-11
Knighted 2012-05-27

One of the founding members of the Order. Has been known as The Red Knight at a variety of midwestern renfaires.

Gules, a chevron argent between three cinquefoils ermine.

Sir Robert (stormdelver) (inactive), Knight
Joined 2011-06-28
Knighted 2012-09-23

Honorary ambassador to renfaires far and wide.

Ermine, on a chief sable three wyverns argent.

Sir Wolf (inactive), Knight
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Knighted 2013-05-05

Where to start. I began doing my bit at renaissance festivals and faires as a teenager. Slowly I gathered garb and armour but quickly I amounted weapons. It seemed like every few months I would have a new edged toy to show and or wear. But what to do with it all? During college I joined a small group of like minded people and started doing small events in which I was a knight of the realm, even a king of sorts. This got me going towards putting real history into what I was doing. I left that group and became enamored with historical living history. The act of trying to get everything right. To look, feel, eat, dress and live as close to my real counter part as I could had me hook line and sinker. Slowly now, each year I try to develop 1 or 2 historical kits for each century (or this is what I would like to do) Yes, I still love the faires, fantasy kits and such, but the history keeps it all in focus for me. Currently I have several kits finished and a ton more started. It is a never ending process of researching, making the kit, re-researching, changing the kit somehow more period and so on. In the future I hope to be able to show off my kits individually in my own museum or library.

Argent, on a chief sable three scallops argent, a lion rampant gules.

Rodney (inactive), Knight
Joined 2011-07-01
Knighted 2015-06-07

Azure, on a bend sinister counter embattled Argent a bonnacon passant Gules, a bordure wavy Or.

Sir Martyn (inactive), Knight
Joined 2014-02-28
Knighted 2015-11-14

Born and raised in Alabama, I was always fascinated as a child by tales of knights and chivalry -- lessons reinforced as I grew to manhood by the example of my father and through my experience with Scouting, among other activities.

I was fortunate to have a close group of friends growing up for whom imagination was the door allowing us to explore places at the time we could only dream about -- in those days we went outside to play, but also spent a lot of time around the gaming table.

Blessed with not only great friends but a patient and understanding family, activities like the Order and learning swordplay in Western Martial Arts are helping me to live out that dream.

I also love LARP – having attended both DrachenFest and Mythodea events in Germany for a few years now with the Grand Expedition – and am eager to also explore SCA and Living History.

The values of knighthood and chivalry -- Honor, Courage, Faith, Humility, Justice and Prowess to name a few -- belong to any age. They are eternal yet persevere or are challenged depending on our actions and the example we set for others and our children. It is our responsibility to see these traditions and teachings passed on.

When not swinging swords, I work as a career Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State; I've served in multiple assignments overseas, including Slovakia, El Salvador, Moldova and Slovenia.

Dane (inactive), Knight
Joined 2012-10-24
Knighted 2016-08-27

Sable, on a chevron Sable fimbriated Or, between two mullets Or a cruciform sword to base argent, two crosses pattee Or in chief.

Ancelyn (inactive), Squire
Joined 2010-11-11

One of the founding members of the Order.

Per cross Gules and Azure, a Lion rampant contourny Or, a Lion rampant Or, two crosses crosslet fitchee argent

Matthew (inactive), Squire
Joined 2010-11-11

One of the founding members of the Order.

Per Pale Sable and Or, A Wolf Rampant Argent, A Raven Sable, a Base Azure

Roy (Ulrich) (inactive), Squire
Joined 2010-12-21

Sable, on a cross Gules a raven Sable.

Andrew (inactive), Squire
Joined 2011-11-26

Per bend sinister purpure and gules, a bend sinister embattled Or, a star in dexter chief argent, a sword reversed argent.

Cliff de Beaumanoir (inactive), Squire
Joined 2011-11-26

Silvanus (inactive), Squire
Joined 2012-10-21

Argent, on a Cross Sable a Chi Rho Gules

Ryan (inactive), Yeoman
Joined 2013-01-20

Son and personal squire to Sir Robert

Joshua Santana (inactive), Yeoman
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B. Patricius (inactive), Yeoman
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Chagatai Burilgi (inactive), Yeoman
Joined 2013-10-14

Named after the second son of Temujin (Genghis Khan). Born in 1183...well sort of...this is my SCA name and what I love to go by. I have always been interested in Historical reenactment which started at a very young age with some role playing games like D&D.

I currently play in the SCA, in the Barony of al-Barran, in the kingdom of the Outlands. In the SCA, I am a squire to a great and noble knight and a good friend. It allows me to reenact what I love and learn more about Chivalry and things the like. I chose to play a Mongolian because I have always like the Asian culture and there heavy take on honor and chivalry. Honor before all else is my mantra as it was with many Asian cultures. In this realm I learn a lot about Chivalry and have many people that I can turn to for information. I make armor for myself mostly and both of my rigs have been made myself.

Story behind my persona....

I was born to a noble Irishmen and was betrothed to a great Scottish maiden. Born Murchadh Mac Diarmada I grew up protecting my lands from invaders. One day there was a raid on my betrothed lands and the raiders kidnapped my beautiful bride to be. I took my men and searched out these pesky invaders. I came across them, a mongol raiding party, my men and I attacked to try and save my lady. All my men were killed but not before we took out most of the horde. I was spared by the leader because of my stealth and courage in trying to kill him. I got passed all of his guards and had a knife to his throat when I felt cold steel at my neck. Because of my bravery he adopted me into the horde and gave me the name of Chagatai Burilgi meaning "he is white destroyer" and ever since I have been raiding and killing right along side al of mongol brethren.

Or, a chevron gules and overall a legless wyvern displayed contourny, tail nowed sable.

Timothy G. (inactive), Yeoman
Joined 2013-10-14

Timothy G. is a Yeoman member of the Order, His interest in codes of conduct like chivalry has been lifelong and while he is new to an organized ideal of modern chivalry he has practiced it as best he can since he became a cub and boy scout in the mid and late 1960’s. Timothy G was/is by profession and avocation a teacher of history and a student of government. He has always had a lifelong interest in the history of the ancient Roman world and of late the medieval world created by the fall of Rome and her universal empire. He also holds a keen and passionate interest in the history of the founding of the American republic and wither as Dr. Franklin asked, the question “if you can keep it”?

In addition to his love of history Timothy G. has an abiding passion and interest in heraldry and it’s near cousin vexillology. A family historian for over forty years Timothy has engaged in genealogical research since high school. His recent research shows possible (research is always ongoing) decent from many medieval personalities , including William Marshal and king John who played leading role in the events leading to Magna Carta. He is still surprised by the divergent personalities of men like William Marshal and King John. One the leading, timeless example of chivalry and the other the worst of men and kings.

While current mobility issues prevent his active involvement in re-enacting he still enjoys reading about the exploits of the Orders members from the discussions in the forum and will serve the Order as best he may.

Paly of six Vert and Or a bend counterchanged, overall a lion rampant Sable armed and langued Gules within eight trefoils slipped in orle Sable.

Don Jorge de la Costa (inactive), Yeoman
Joined 2013-11-19

Per pale Vert and Or, four pairs of rib bones issuant from the flanks counterchanged.

Elliot R. (inactive), Yeoman
Joined 2014-05-25

Scott Brown (inactive), Yeoman
Joined 2014-06-05

Humphrey (inactive), Yeoman
Joined 2014-10-17

Sir Humphrey (Mark Hubbs) is a new member in the order. He hails from Arkanceister, but currently holds lands in Alabamashire.

He has had a life-long passion for history. This interest ranges from battles and leaders to the more mundane cultural and material history of the common people who were the real heroes of the past. History is more than anything else, the story of ordinary people and how those people reacted to extraordinary circumstances. For over four decades Mark has learned first-hand how the people of the past lived by participating in costumed living history programs at scores of American battlefields and historic sites. He began his journey in medieval living history in 2011.

Mark is an eleven year veteran of the US Army Infantry. He left active duty in 1992 and retired from the Army Reserve in 2001. Since leaving active duty he has worked as an environmental protection specialist and archaeologist for the US Army.

Mark’s first novel, The Secret of Wattensaw Bayou was released by Bluewater Publications in March, 2013. His second novel, The Archer’s Son, is the story of a young boy in medieval Cornwall who accompanies a band of archers on Henry V’s famous march into France and the bloody battle of Agincourt. It was released in the summer of 2014.

Mark holds a Bachelor’s in History from Henderson State University in Arkansas, a Masters in Environmental Management from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and a Masters in Archaeology from Leicester University in the United Kingdom. He is also a member of the Company of Military Historians, The Sons of the American Revolution, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCWBI) and was the co-founder of the Tennessee Valley Civil War Round Table.

Mark honors his 19th Great Grandfather, the 4th Earl of Hereford, Sir Humphrey de Bohun, by recreating the Earl’s colors and arms as part of his personae.

Mike England (inactive), Page
Joined 2014-02-28

Allan Senefelder (inactive), Honorary Member
Joined 2012-05-08

Armourer Extraordinaire, and former proprietor of Mercenary's Tailor