The Order of the Marshal is an organization of enthusiasts who share a common interest in European medieval history as well as a desire to live a chivalrous lifestyle. The Order of the Marshal serves as a casual group in which participants may discuss medieval history, develop quality medieval kits, engage in martial arts demonstrations, attend Renaissance fairs, and just simply enjoy each other’s company and camaraderie.

We are not a LARP group, nor are we affiliated with re-creationist societies such as the SCA. Our members are real men and women, not fictional characters. We highly value independence and personal choice. As such, each member of the Order is welcomed to contribute on their own time and at their own convenience. The Order does not require any commitment from its members. Each may contribute as much or as little as they like of their own free will.

In addition to our medieval historical hobbies, we members all share a desire to live a chivalrous life and to nurture self-improvement. Chivalry is all about being your best. It puts into high regard traits that are timeless and positive, such as truth, justice, defense of the weak, freedom of thought and action, honor, and courtesy. Chivalry does not seek to impose oppressive restrictions, but rather sets us free by being a personal responsibility, and adviser to our lives.

While the modern application of Chivalry is one of our primary goals, we make no claims to be a recognized or self-styled Modern Knightly Order like the Order of the Malta, or Order of the Fiat Lux. Our members are not accountable against a code nor required to commit to services and activities. We are but historical enthusiasts who have come together to share our interests in history and personal development. The name of the Order is in honor of Sir William Marshal (c. 1145 – May 14, 1219), often revered as the greatest knight who ever lived.